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About Angie Pontani

Teacher - Go-Go Robics - A high energy go-go dance workshop with Angie Pontani

Burlesque Queen, Angie Pontani, “The Italian Stallionette,” is one of few involved in the ecdysiast arts who shimmys and shakes on stages around the world, as well as carries her art into other fields and genres, including film and television. A child of New York and a key player in the burlesque revival, this bump-n-grind bombshell has spread the gospel of burlesque across the globe for over a decade. The New Yorker calls Angie, “first rate, the perfect centerpiece!” and rightfully so, since her signature acts and productions all set standards of style and class. This international superstar’s ability to mix glamour of yester-years with contemporary sensibility has earned her burlesque’s most prestigious award: “Queen of Burlesque, Miss Exotic World 2008.” Aside from its substantial part in Angie achieving burlesque’s highest Angie has toured multiple runs in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. She has headlined the largest burlesque festivals in the world, including New York, Dallas, Milan, Rome and Helsinki. In 2009 she was named “Best International Touring Artist,” by The Naked City/Alternative Media Group of Australia. Angie’s repertoire and show curating skills are frequently sought by discriminating clients including Lady GaGa, Campari, Esquire Magazine, Dos Equis, The Fox 5 Superbowl Party, Guggenheim, Donatella Versace and more. She worked exclusively with Hendricks Gin to create her glass bathtub act, which was the featured entertainment at many of their events throughout the U.S. In the midst of her wake, Angie has wowed celebrity fans the likes of Sting, Anthony Kiedas, Hillary Duff, The Strokes, Adrianna Lima, and Hugh Hefner. As “New York’s Burlesque Queen” (, Angie has appeared multiple times on the Conan O’ Brien Show and Gossip Girl. She was also featured in other New York productions: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, MTV’s The 50 Cent Project, Good Morning America, and The Today Show. Angie also appeared on The List (Canada), Lady Burlesque (IT), Burlesque Mania (IT), Good Day New Zealand (NZ), and Nightline (NZ). On October 24th, Angie will be featured in the Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett television special for PBS. Always reaching for new fields and genres, Angie had a featured role in Michael Imerioli’s directorial debut film, The Hungry Ghost, and was also featured in the Italian television series, Lady Burlesque and The Poor Man’s Follies, an Italian film created for MTV. She was also a part of an ad campaign for Peter Werth (UK), X-Rite Photosystem with Brian Smith (USA), and Marlboro (worldwide). Aside from having been photographed by renowned photographer Ellen Von Unwerth for L’uomo Vogue, she has graced the covers and pages of many magazines including Pin Curl, Page Six, Glamour, Spanish GQ, Java’s Bachelor Pad and countless others. Angie even made a cameo in Eric Powell’s comic, The Goon (#36).

About Boysinberry Cupcake

Teacher - Improving Your Burlesque with Improv

Boysinberry Cupcake will have your mouth watering in delight. This pint-sized cutie has been performing burlesque in the Bay Area for the past four years creating solo, duet, and group acts, along with dancing in Bombshell Betty's Showgirl Chorus. After five years of performing improv comedy, she discovered the art of sparkly things. She bought a few pounds of glitter and took to the stage to take it all off. Through burlesque she blends her love of comedy with a sultry tease. Boysinberry Cupcake is sinfully delicious.

About Hank E. Panky

Teacher - Shake Shake Shake Senora
Teacher - Storytelling Through Movement

Since 2012, Kansas City's favorite Tom Cat has been charming the whiskers off of every tabby and minx that passes by. You can find Hank E. Panky prowling the back alleys and spraying audiences with his unique brand of Burlesque humor. Between singing and dancing, Hank is always happy to pick up a scrap of clothing here and there, but be ready... for every time he struts his stuff, you can hear the meows and hisses from every! Watch out when he takes the stage, kittens, because the fur will fly!

About Iridessa Blossoms


Iridessa Blossoms is an Internationally known Performance Artist and is making way around the world one show at a time. She has been stimulating audiences with her unique expression and artistic concepts in variety shows for close to a decade. She is known for her pop n' lock isolations and hybrid style of belly dance. She is multi- talented and her signature style is broad, diverse and ever-changing. While struggling to find her place in belly dance, she found her community while attending the annual burlesque conventions, The Great Burlesque Exposition and Burlycon. She is the founder and former producer of Poppin' Cherries and Eclectic~ Ka and owner of Creative Motion Dance! With her distinguished hips that tease and signature moves that please, she dances effortlessly in an unreal fashion. Sultry and sassy...transforming your senses to a place that is ethereal. Bridging the gap between worlds and transcending time and space, she is a magical goddess in motion! When she is not lighting up the stage you can find her frolicking with fairies.

About Jenny Jewels

Teacher - Cardio Showgirl/Burlesque

Jenny Jewels has been teaching fitness dance inspired classes such as Cardio Showgirl/Burlesqe, Cardio Latin, Cardio Pop,  and Belly/Bollywood Fit, for over 10 years. 

She is and avid salsa dancer who has taught, presented, and performed with the Cuban style salsa performance group, Salsa Vale Todo, at the San Francisco Salsa Rueda Featival for many years.

In the last two years Jenny has recently persued her longtime interest in burlesqe dancing and performing.  She is part of the Bombshell Betty Showgirl Chorus group in San Francisco, has performed in the Fishnet Follies Showgirl group,  and more recently is one of  the newest members of the Velevettes Can-Can  performance group! 

 Please join Jenny for a fun,flirty, and invigorating Showgirl/Burlesqe inspired fitness dance class to warm you  up and start your dance filled day! 


About Lili VonSchtupp

Teacher - Master Class: Clothing As A Prop

Lili VonSchtupp made her debut performance at the legendary Derby in Hollywood CA, on a starry Monday night in September of 2004. She's performed headlined, emceed, and taught classes at Viva Las Vegas, The Great Burlesque Expo, The New York Burlesque Festival, The Hawaii Burlesque Festival, The Las Vegas Burlesque Festival, The Vermont Burlesque Festival, and was the founder and producer of The Hollywood Burlesque Festival. Lili was featured twice at #40 and #42 on the 21st Century Burlesque's Top 50 Industry Professionals and was featured as one of the top 13 burlesque performers in Los Angels by Timeout LA. Her weekly burlesque show, Monday Night Tease has been featured internationally in many press outlets. Having worked with Satan's Angel, and studied with many burlesque legend educators and performers, Lili's 13 plus years in performing plus 10 years teaching and producing serves as great grounding in the art of burlesque. As producer of Monday Night Tease! est. 2003, Friday Night Happy Hour, Burlesque After Dark, and The Hollywood Burlesque Festival, Lili has booked over 600 live burlesque shows and worked with both local, national and international talent. Her unique experience as a performer and a producer allows her the eye to understand what works artistically for the performer as a work of art, and from the audience perspective of entertainment. Serving the art form and the consumer is her expertise.

About Miss Brawling Beauty

Teacher - Tassle Twirling 101

Welcome to the Sexy and Silly side of Burlesque. She loves to entertain the masses with her collection of Acts. She is a versitile performer that covers many forms of entertainment for Family friendly shows and Adult themed shows. She provides unusual professional entertainment, specializing in top caliber burlesque, circus, cabaret, and specialty act production, guaranteed to inspire and awe. Whether you require a full-scale cirque show or a one-of-a-kind solo act, Miss Brawling Beauty has got you covered with a wide aray of dynamic performances to choose from. Sit back and enjoy her show! Her list of talents are, Fire Artist/Burlesque Dancer/Singer/Tassel Master/ Clown/Extreme Circus Performer/Comedian/EMCEE And much more...

About Moxie LaBouche

Teacher - Basic Music Editing with Audacity
Teacher - Putting Yourself Out There (or: How Not to Piss Off Producers)

Moxie LaBouche performs and produces burlesque around the mid-Atlantic and beyond, specializing in a style known as “nerd-lesque,” which involves dressing up as (then undressing as) beloved fictional characters. Her style as a performer tends toward the silly, portraying everything from a washed-up beauty queen to giant barbarian knight to Grover from Sesame Street, though she has a penchant for the dramatic, as well. Moxie has produced tributes to Jim Henson, Archer, Mel Brooks, and of course the works of George R. R. Martin. She was also a presenter in the 2016 TEDxRVA.

About Princess Valentine

Teacher - Ballet for Burlesque=Ballesque

Lisa D. Kelleher/Princess Valentine is thrilled to join the Great Burlesque Exposition as a dance teacher and choreographer. She will be offering Ballet for Burlesque. She is a graduate of Smith College with a degree in Dance/Choreography and Theater, as well as a veteran of the Boston Ballet and Harvard Summer School's intensive advanced ballet program and a former studio owner. Lisa began dancing almost before she could walk- waltzing with her parents, in her playpen, and anywhere there was room- and started her ballet training at the age of five. At the age of six, she was Clara in Nutcracker, and in the ensuing years, participated in Nutcracker in various roles with the Boston Ballet. Since that first performance, she has been involved in or has seen Nutcracker every single year, and has continued her training with the Boston Ballet.  She is also an accomplished, acclaimed performer and choreographer, working with local musical theaters, both on and offstage, as lead dancer and choreographer.  She has studied and performed almost all forms of dance: classical ballet, musical theater/Fosse, tap, Isadora Duncan, Renaissance/Festival/Tribal, modern, jazz, fitness: zumba/barre fitness/aerobics, and various ethnic styles, to name a few. She is heavily influenced by George Balanchine, Agnes deMille, Bob Fosse, and Jerome Robbins.  Lisa believes strongly in teaching the proper technique of dance, regardless of style, and adores sharing her love and joy of dance with her students. She owes her love of dance to her parents, Betty and David Kelleher, who when they had nothing, had each other and a little girl who thought she had everything because she had them, music, and dance.

About Red Velvet

Teacher - Basic Strengthening and Flexibility for Performers

Red Velvet is a life-long dancer, began studying dance at the age of 2. Proficient in tap, ballet, and jazz, Red Velvet continues to study new forms of dance such as samba and flamenco. Ms. Velvet began intensively studying Isadora Duncan dance in 1999, and began studying burlesque in 2008 with Bombshell Betty. Red Velvet has performed extensively in musical theatre, performed throughout California, has studied and performed dance in New York, and has toured internationally. She has taught dance to adults and children, including training and teaching children to perform in professional musical theatre events. Ms. Velvet currently performs Isadora Duncan dance, she has performed with the Hot Pink Feathers, Bombshell Betty’s Burlesqueteers, and Alegria Samba Dance Company. Red Velvet is also a prolific choreographer and can frequently be seen performing solo work at the Elbo Room in San Francisco and at many shows around the Bay Area. She is a co-artistic director of the “DIVA or Die” burlesque show (a production of DIVAfest) at the Exit Theatre, and the co-creator of the burlesque play “Rebel Without a Bra: A Burlesque Cabaret” which was presented as part of DIVAfest 2013. She is currently working on a new burlesque/theatrical production, At The White Rabbit Burlesque, which will debut in May 2014. Ms. Velvet has performed solo acts at the Texas Burlesque Festival, the Ohio Burlesque Festival, the Hollywood Burlesque Festival, the Carolina Burlesque Festival, The Great Burlesque Expo in Boston, and Girlesque 2014! in Toronto, Canada. Her act won "Most Humorous" at the Great Burlesque Expo 2014! Red Velvet currently teaches Can-can classes and co-teaches burlesque classes at Bombshell Betty's Burkesqueteers.

About Scarlett Letter

Teacher - Keeping your Ecdysiast Books
Teacher - Panel: Cosplay, Fan Fiction and Identity in Burlesque
Teacher - Panel: The Body of Work: Longevity in Burlesque
Teacher - The Art of Fabric Manipulation

Scarlett Letter has been dazzling the world since 2004 and stunning them even longer. Besides performing all over Southern California, she has been seen across North America and Europe. Awarded burlesque titles at The Great Burlesque Exposition and The Great Southern Exposure, she is also an award winning costumer and choreographer. Scarlett currently co-produces Peepshow Menagerie and The Naked Show (and Tell). Red hair, a vintage flair and very calculating feet are her calling cards.

About Sheila Starr Siani

Teacher - Sex-a-Peel

This s​ensual​ super nova burned up the stage in 2013 at the inaugural Hollywood Burlesque Festival, taking the title as the first Miss Hollywood Burlesque. Her love affair with dance began as a child with the usual ballet, tap and jazz. She spent years as a professional competitive Polynesian dancer​ and h​ er ​intrigue with​ fertility ​and courtship ​ dances and interest in the seductive arts led her onto the strip club stage. ​​ Siani ​has blended all of these styles and is an erotic and elegant striptease artist, who drips puddles of sex on the stage.​

About Tapitha Kix

Teacher - Getting Butts in Seats

Tapitha Kix is a founding member and producer of the Baltimore-based Troupe, Twisted Knickers. Her foray into Burlesque was as a prop kitty for Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey. She then attended “Burlesque Bootcamp” with Baltimore’s Gilded Lily Burlesque troupe and has since been performing on her own and with Twisted Knickers. In addition to Burlesque, she is a member of the Part II Dance company, performing traditional tap and jazz dance. She fuses her classical dance background with her acts and often tap dances while she strips. Tapitha is also the only known Burlesque dancer since the 1940s to perform in a pair of specially-made ballet pointe shoes equipped with taps. Her “pointe/tap” routines combine traditional ballet, Broadway-style tap dancing, and old-school bump and grind Burlesque to create a truly unique performance.