Legend of Burlesque

Gabriella-Maze-2.jpg GABRIELLA MAZE

The Body That Never Stops

Gabriella started dancing in Spain at the beginning of the 1970s.  From the moment of her very first performance, she loved the Burlesque way of life – "the people, the glamor, and most of all the travel!".  Gabriella has worked as a dancer all over the Middle East and Europe.  She describes herself as a 'a lucky gal' and would not change anything she has done in her career.  This is Miss Maze's first appearance at The Great Burlesque Exposition.  She currently lives in South Carolina.


Guests of Honor

matt-finsh.jpg MATT FINISH

Reigning King of Boylesque, BHOF Weekender

Matt began his dancing training at the age of  4 with ballet and branched out to other techniques later.   He has a BA in Dance from UC Irvine and a Masters from The University of Arizona. Between college and graduate school he danced with Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo under the name Nadia Doumiafeyva.  Matt was named 'Most Comedic' at The Hollywood Burlesque Festival and 'King of A Peel' at the Iowa Burlesque Festival in 2013. At the 2014 BurlyPicks New Mexico Regional he won medals as 'Master of Assels' and 'Best Improv', going on win 'International Master of Assels' and be crowned the 2014 'BurlyPicks World Champion'. Most recently, Matt was named 'King of Burlesque' at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Tournament of Tease.



The Twisted Beauty of New York City

Dangrrr Doll is a multi-award winning performance artist known for her stunning costumes and unique interpretation of burlesque. Hailed as "high concept" and "defiantly weird" by Burlesque Beat, Dangrrr brings classic beauty combined with pop culture savvy and a dose of heavy metal to the stage. A professional costumer by day, this blonde bombshell is the producer of RAWR! Burlesque and the brains behind NYCC's first official burlesque show. She has been featured on College Humor and in TimeOut NYDangrrr was named as one of the Top 50 Burlesque Industry Figures of 2014 and holds a multitude of awards, including 2013 Great Burlesque Exposition “Most Humorous Act," 2013 Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival “Best Costume,”  2013 Carolina Burlesque Fest “Most Original Act,” and the 2012 NY Burlesque Fest Golden Pastie Award for “Cutest Geek in Burlesque.” 



red-hot-annie-2.jpg Jacqueline Hyde HONOREE:  Donna Denise who swept both personal picks and Honorable Mention Jacqueline Boxx.jpg

Chicago's Own
Red Hot Annie

Best Soloist 2008
Jacqueline Hyde
Most Classic 2013
Donna Denise
Miss Disa-burly-TEASE
Jacqueline Boxx
Scarlett Letter, Best Soloist BettySioux Tailor, Most Beautiful Scandal from Bohemia, Most Humorous BeauTease logo 2inx4in.jpg

Most Classic 2007,
Most Beautiful 2010
Scarlett Letter

Most Beautiful 2008
Bettysioux Tailor
Most Humorous 2010
Scandal from Bohemia
The One and Only
Boston BeauTease