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The Strategy behind the Sizzle

Behind the art, and the glamour, and the blood, sweat and tears - every act is a project, and every performer is, on some level, a project manager.

While the act of artistic creation will never be entirely agony-free, this class seeks to help students minimize the agony - or at least reserve it for the struggle of art, rather than the stress and worry of having projects fail at the last minute, and an endless string of all nighters.

Betty Blaize is a seasoned choregrapher, dance coach, dance teacher and creator of 13+ years worth of Burlesque acts for both herself and many others.  Beyond that, she's also a 20+ year seasoned project manager in any number of venues, from high tech, to show production, to the Great Burlesque Expo itself.

Betty Blaize will cover:

  • Schedule planning
  • The "Iron Triangle" inherent in any project
  • Understanding your risks and ways to mitigate them
  • Ways to look at investing in both original development and later upgrades
  • Tricks for making an act as reuseable as possible

Come to class and learn some ways to reduce act-creation-exhaustion while improving the reliability of a good product.



Sept. 4, 2021, 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Barton Room
Barton Room at
The Bridge at 211
211 Bridge St.
First floor
Salem, MA 01970

About the Teacher - Betty Blaize

Betty Blaize, 6' of Fun... is a veteran of the Boston Burlesque scene. She's a founding member of the Boston Babydolls with a background in belly dance, Indian classical dance and martial arts, and... computer science. She's also the web mistress for this site and an ardent artisan, making a substantial number of costumes for herself and the Boston Babydolls.